Why Being Vegetarian in Costa Rica is Easier Than You Think

Think eating vegetarian in Costa Rica means endless days of “rice and beans – hold the chicken?” Think again.

Friends of ours who travelled in Costa Rica said that we’d be sick of rice and beans in no time. Though we’ve certainly eaten more rice and beans than is probably healthy while on the road, Costa Rica has proven to be an excellent destination for vegetarian travel. Being able to order vegetarian food in local sodas (cheap eateries) is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vegetarian travel in Costa Rica. Continue reading “Why Being Vegetarian in Costa Rica is Easier Than You Think”


Explore the World of Sweets With 5 International Vegan Desserts

They say variety is the spice of life. If you ever start to feel bored with your food, there’s a good chance you can make it exciting again by simply trying a new recipe — no matter how easy it is. As the unofficial grand arbiters of devouring food, this is something we know to be true. But sometimes when it comes to desserts, we get trapped in a cycle of vegan cookies, brownies, ice cream, and pies simply because they’re what’s most familiar. When it comes to trying new savory recipes, it’s often easy to gather all the ingredients you need, even if it’s an international recipe. We often forget that there’s also a world of sweets out there that we’ve never tried. Now, here’s a reason to celebrate: we can also make those desserts at home just like we can with savory recipes.

Not only can we make them at home, we can make all those sweets that typically use eggs, milk, butter, or gelatin completely vegan! Some international desserts are naturally vegan, like this Burmese Coconut Jelly that uses agar agar powder instead of gelatin. Others, like crème brûlée, require some crafty kitchen skills but don’t let that get you down because we canveganize that, too. Whoohoo! We can barely contain our excitement because we’ve got 15 international desserts that you absolutely have to try. Continue reading “Explore the World of Sweets With 5 International Vegan Desserts”



These luscious candy bars recreate a popular English treat of rose-flavored jelly smothered in dark chocolate. This version leaves out the dairy and substitutes it for rich dark chocolate and it also cuts out the refined sugar. The gelatin-free jelly center uses agar agar to achieve the perfect gooey texture and as you take a bite into these bars, the chocolate coating breaks into shards. They’re a true delight to have stashed away in your refrigerator.



When see Vegan Chokcing

Just as a few lil’ examples.

One look at the comments sections of these videos shows that those being ridiculed have defended themselves, corrected misinformation, and some even reacted aggressively or used defamatory language – so it’s then pointed out that all vegans are, in fact, mean and angry.

But wait – in the videos vegans were portrayed as illogical and daft, but at least they were peace-loving hippies. Now in the comments section they are all called a bunch of aggressive a-holes.

Which is it? Continue reading “When see Vegan Chokcing”


Dear Vegans: Can’t You Take a Joke?

Vegans and non-vegans alike may have noticed a sharp increase in widespread anti-vegan sentiment online lately, including two new popular videos going around that, shall we say, poke fun at vegans.

Vegans are intolerable hippies who make impossible, confusing, and downright absurd requests at restaurants and of their friends while wearing funny headbands. They tell you in a vapid, breathy voice that they’re vegan before they even tell you their name. They are overall just “the most annoying group of people known to mankind” and “think they’re better at life.”

Oh, and if they choke or are stranded at sea, kill them/let them die.


Fair Trade Fashion Show to Feature Vegan Leather Made from Plastic, Cruelty-Free Clothes

As any good activist will tell you, human rights and animal rights are two pieces of the same puzzle. Both movements share the same goals: respect, empathy, and justice for those other than ourselves.

And at the second annual Fair Trade Fashion Show on July 16th in Los Angeles, these two social justice movements will walk the runway together. Continue reading “Fair Trade Fashion Show to Feature Vegan Leather Made from Plastic, Cruelty-Free Clothes”


5 Ways To Not Be a Preachy Vegan Asshole [And actually help MORE People Come Over To Veganism

1) You Support Animal Cruelty
When You Buy Stuff From Businesses That Participate In the Use of Animals

Let me get this straight. I get it the argument.

I get that there are thousands of businesses out there profiting of the pain, suffering and cruelty to other sentient beings. I also realize that these businesses don’t torture animals for fun, they do it because there is a demand for that animal and they are in the money making game.

It’s not like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream gets thrills and jollies over the idea they have cows shackled to milking stations for their entire lives, getting repeatedly impregnated so they lactate as much milk as possible. They do it because there is a demand – and if it makes MONEY it makes SENSE (in big business eyes)

Continue reading “5 Ways To Not Be a Preachy Vegan Asshole [And actually help MORE People Come Over To Veganism”